Dr. Andrea Moses

Dr. Andrea Moses

While the process of giving birth could be both wonderful and traumatic for any mom, the process of birth can affect the baby too! Passing through the birth canal is tough work. Even a low stress birth can cause physical trauma that can go often undetected. This undetected trauma to a newborn is known as vertebral subluxation and can cause inference to normal nerve function. Subluxations in infants can also cause health issues for the growing spine, resulting in challenges later in life.

According to research from Dr. Viola Frymann, out of more than 1500 infants examined on or before the 5th day of life:

  • 10 percent displayed severe trauma to the head
  • 10 percent exhibited freely movable perfect skulls
  • 80 percent showed some strain pattern in the cranial mechanism

Dr. Abraham Towbin, a Harvard University pathologist, confirmed that birth trauma often creates neurological dysfunction. The Towbin study, conducted on nearly 1000 infants, concluded that nearly eighty percent of the infants studied experienced some kind of nervous system dysfunction.

Luckily, vertebral subluxations and their affects can be easily discovered with a newborn chiropractic checkup. The purpose of the newborn chiropractic checkup is to detect spinal nerve stress, caused by the subluxation.

Additionally, chiropractic pediatric specialist, Dr. Larry Webster suggests developmental milestones at which your child should have a chiropractic checkup. According to Webster, it is especially vital to check the baby’s spine:

  • after the birth process
  • when the baby starts to hold his or her head up
  • when the baby sits up
  • when the baby starts to crawl
  • when the baby starts to stand
  • when the baby starts to walk

Dr. Andrea Moses is skilled at detecting and helping to correct newborn and infant subluxations. Babies who are adjusted at an early age show improved immunity, reduced colic, and better digestive health than those without.