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We structure each treatment plan around the needs of the patient. Our approach utilizes the expertise of medical and chiropractic professionals to provide each patient with a knowledgeable and well-rounded team.

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At Spinal Health & Wellness, your family can feel right at home. Our facility welcomes every woman seeking help through her pregnancy and the children you love dearly.

When meeting Dr. Andrea, you’ll find her calming presence and it will be easy to feel open with your concerns in a judgment-free environment. You’ll benefit from her optimism, positivity, and hopefulness while healing with us!

With chiropractic care during your pregnancy, you can:

  • Prevent and relieve the common discomforts experienced in pregnancy.
  • Create an inner state of balance, restoring your body’s environment for easier, quicker, safer delivery.
  • Lower interference within the nervous system, allowing your body to function at its maximum potential without feeling tired.
  • Reduce the need for pain medications and medical interventions.

Spinal Health & Wellness is the gold standard for comprehensive treatment of pregnancy pain and children of all ages.

 Many women experience various aches and pains, along with general discomfort pre and post-pregnancy. Sometimes a woman’s body has a hard time adjusting to these physical changes, and therefore will feel achy, sore or pain even after labor and delivery.

When you visit us at our office, we’ll begin with a thorough examination that helps us identify the root cause of any pregnancy pain concerning you. We do this because we know that symptoms can manifest in many ways after the baby is born. 

Once we’ve made a personalized diagnosis that takes into account the whole picture, we’ll create a customized treatment plan that uses our decades of experience and proven research-backed methods. 

We love helping our patients get on a path to healing!

Our daughter Gretchen is always in great health.  She never misses school for any illness and recovers quickly from the common cold.  We are grateful and will continue to practice preventive healthcare.

Amy Wolfe

My girls love getting adjusted.  Our oldest had a small spinal curve and correcting it with chiropractic care was the healthiest and safest course of action.  We are thrilled and continue to come for optimal health.

Devon Wittenbach

We came in when we noticed our little girl’s head was tilting to her left side.  After a few short months of care she is in alignment and doing great!


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Our doctors have treated thousands of pregnant women, children and infants dealing with pain throughout the entire body. We're here to put our years of experience, cutting-edge diagnostic tools, research-backed treatments and a compassionate approach to care to work for you!


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We offer convenient appointment scheduling and short wait times for our patients. Our goal is always to give you the care you need as effectively and efficiently as possible!


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We've been helping patients seeking drug free pain relief and wellness treatments for more than 20 years!

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Rest assured that you’ll never be “just another number” at Spinal Health & Wellness. At our office, we take pride in offering individualized healthcare services for our valued patients. You’ll notice that our office is different from the first time you visit for a consultation because of the way we’re interested in taking an investigative approach to getting to the bottom of your physical issues.




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Wen you visit Spinal Health and Wellness, you’ll get to know the friendly, professional faces that make our office the gold standard for healthcare in the area.

Dr. Andrea Moses

Dr. Andrea Moses


Vicki Howard LMT

Vicki Howard LMT

Licensed Massage Therapist

Specializing in Women’s Health and Children’s Wellness
Webster Technique Certified Practitioner
Owner and practicing doctor in family practice since Sept. 1997
Backpack Safety Program
Moms Groups Health Education
Proper Posture

Past member of the Gonstead Clinical Studies Society
Past member of the International Chiropractic Association
Current member of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association
Past board member of the West End Neighborhood House
Past board member of the Wilmington Jaycees

I am committed to a healthy lifestyle of exercise,healthy eating and whole body cleansing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I ask my OB doctor about chiropractic care?

As more women understand the benefits of chiropractic care during pregnancy, more physicians are learning about its benefits. It’s best to discuss all healthcare decisions with your primary physician during pregnancy. If he or she isn’t familiar with the benefits of visiting a chiropractor, ask them to learn more. It’s important to surround yourself with a healthcare team that supports and respects your choices, especially during pregnancy.

How far into pregnancy can I receive chiropractic treatment?

The International Chiropractic Pediatric Association recommends receiving care throughout the entire pregnancy. Treatments received as the due date arrives can focus on establishing pelvic balance and avoiding posterior or breech presentations. Our doctor can also provide a list of safe exercises to help keep things in good shape for delivery.

Can I receive massages during pregnancy?

Absolutely! The greatest benefit of prenatal massages is the drug-free pain relief. Prenatal massages are safe, comfortable, and they decrease the body’s output of stress hormones, while increasing the release of “feel-good” hormones like dopamine and serotonin. Our doctor may suggest you include massage, physical therapy, home exercises, nutritional counseling and other wellness services as part of your wellness plan during pregnancy.

How often can I get a pregnancy massage?

Pregnancy massage can be done as often as you want. However, it should not be done more than once per day, as this may lead to too much pressure on your joints and muscles. Weekly prenatal massages have been proven to effectively relieve leg pain, insomnia, stress, depression, anxiety, and back pain.

Appointments Available Daily

Our office is currently accepting new patients. We’re here to help you explore treatments, like The Webster Technique, that can help achieve the wellness and healing you’re seeking.